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Hey RRM, it's been a while. I'll probably disappear again after I post this, but this is important, man.



If you haven't heard of The Goon, you're missing out on a whole world of awesome. It's a really underrated comic book written and illustrated by creator Eric Powell, published by Dark Horse. This is, in my opinion, the best comic book series currently in production. If you love zombies, gangsters, film noir, mad scientists and generally anything awesome, you'll want to give it a read. It's got humor, horror, and heartbreak, as well as phenomenal writing and artwork, everything you could possibility want in a comic book. It's kind of like a cross between Hellboy and Evil Dead. Good stuff.

Anyway, since 2008, David Fincher and Blur Animation Studios have been trying to get a CGI animated film in production, but no film studios will fund it, and nothing's really happened for four years. All the info is in the kickstarter page, but, essentially, if this kickstarter is successful, the movie will (hopefully) finally get made. There's only three days left as of today, and it's REALLY close.

This seems like the type of thing a lot of you guys on here would really love, so I thought I'd post this here to see if any of you are interested in pitching in. I will die if this doesn't happen.

Check out the awesome proof of concept video below, and watch the kickstarter video for more info.

Also this.
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