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Postby Austinator » Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:03 pm

Somebody tell me they're at least a little excited for the Pilot Episode; the creators of Alias, LOST, Star Trek(2009), Super 8 and the Iron Man movies making a Post-Apocalyptic/Survival TV show sounds pretty cool to me. Then again, I liked the walking dead until they fired Frank Darabont for Season 2 and went off-canon past my tolerance (haha). Hopefully this show won't be the same way!

Here's the 4 minute extended trailer.
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Postby A_DeVane » Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:45 pm

Oh yeah this does look good. I love an apocalypse story so anything along these lines is awesome. Big walking dead fan. =p
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Postby JustSkiff » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:18 pm

So this looks really good.
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Postby Josh_Dead » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:02 pm

I thought this was going to be about Ron Paul.
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Postby Austinator » Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:59 pm

Josh_Dead wrote:I thought this was going to be about Ron Paul.

LOL. why?
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Postby hummingbird_mywill » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:54 pm

I'm sorry I ignored this thread. It looked questionable because it was a generic title in caps...

This looks like an interesting show! I never get sick of post-apocalyptic stories!! It reminds me of Book of Eli, but maybe a little less super dope fly, which is fine. I have no TV (as in... service. I can only watch movies/play videogames) so I'll probably just download the whole thing at Christmas and if I like it enough, buy it.

Edit: I just read this critique on IMDb. Kind of cracked me up. I usually just ignore science inconsistencies since they're all over the place and really difficult to keep straight unless you're a big budget with consultants (Ender's Game... I'm looking at you...) but major plot fails are kind of annoying... I really want to see it now though haha just to see if it's really this bad.

WARNING SPOILERS (from another poster on IMDb):

I got about half way through the second episode. I was really looking forward to this show, maybe my expectations were too high. How hard is it to do a post-apocalyptic show? Apparently it's harder than I thought. Some of the reasons why I gave up
1. Why did the nerd brother wait 15 years before trying to contact the other brother? I assume it's one of the plot lines that they work out with flashbacks but a little more back story would have helped.
2. The little town is all shot up. Several of the able body men are down and the town doctor says oh it's okay for me to leave now and takes off with the girl. What, was she some kind of quack? I guess the assumption is that there were no wounded, everyone was dead. Still it's seems like a bad time to run off.
3. The google nerd is still 70 pounds over weight 15 years after the black out during which time he had to walk everywhere and they were farming with manual & horse power labor only. How could he retain the fat or even pack it on? And no way the guy had cached 15+ years of food and horded successfully from the militia and townspeople all that time.
4. Internal combustion and steam power, nuclear power, and batteries all wiped out with the EMP or whatever it was? But now after 15 years one dictator is close to "getting it turned back on". I assume they will eventually explain how the laws of physics were over turned, and I get it, this is just a show, but they jumped 15 years ahead, and no one can generate power?
5. The doctor carried poison in a whiskey bottle and didn't tell her companions? Boy what if fatty wanted to get a nip on the side? I assume he must have been in on it.
6. Broadswords? Really? They get the smithy up and running and that is the best weapons that can be made? In this universe there is a problem with making guns but it seems like all sorts of people made guns before electricity was available.
7. The girl ditches her friends taking the only weapon of any use (cross bow) they had. She was the only one with "hunting" skills. Just skips out after they left home to help her out. Hopefully they had a road map or something to find their way out of where it was she left them.
8. I could actually live with all of that but what really had me turn it off was the girl talking about how they had to free those innocent people who were "slaves" towing the copter. They proceed to slaughter the guards. So there was no thought that some of the "slaves" might be criminals sentenced to hard labor and or some of the guards might never have hurt anyone and were draftees?? And she is the moral compass of the group?

So maybe the show will get stronger, I will check back here in while and if some people are saying that it has improved I will give it another chance. At this point it's making "Fallen Skies" look like "The Godfather".
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