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Postby freethemanitee » Sun May 04, 2014 8:45 am

If in the last month you have said to yourself "I'm going to that showbread show in august, heck! Portland isn't even that far away!" Well I would hate to be the adult here, but it probably is.
But there's hope, because we are all showbread fans! I'm suggesting that in the spirit of the hospitality weve been blessed to show the band over the years that we should make an effort to help folks out in getting to the show if it's possible. I of course wouldn't volunteer anyone, but if anyone is thinking about traveling from the east coast, then I'm willing to offer my own home in Oklahoma as a place to stop over for the night. I'll make you dinner and breakfast, even pack you snacks for the next day. It would be nice to just help out, because this show is unmissable.
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