Welcome to the Raw Rock Militia!

Important rules and requests to know before you post. Also board features explained.

Welcome to the Raw Rock Militia!

Postby josh_dies » Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:49 am

When you pay your five bucks to join the Showbread forum part of your membership "fee" helps fund the forum's expenses and the rest goes to http://www.compassion.com/. Why do we charge? For several reasons that don't include making a profit or forcing you to donate to charity. Charging for membership helps us eliminate annoying spam robots and antagonizing internet trouble makers.

But we do plan on making your five clams money well spent. Here at rawrockmilitia.com enterprising fans are always on top of the latest band news, you will befriend kind and encouraging people, we offer prayer and Bible study communities and the forum is home to exclusive content from the band as well as access to cool stuff before any one else.

We endeavor to make the forum a friendly atmosphere for friends of all ages so we will not tolerate the use of obscene language or talk. We encourage intelligent discussion about challenging topics but no dirty talk, slander or bad attitudes will be allowed. Though Showbread is a Christian band you obviously don't have to subscribe to the same beliefs to enjoy the forum. We expect Christians AND non-Christians to be respectful and kind to one another. DO NOT chastise new members for not being as nerdy (internet savy) as you. DO NOT take it upon yourself to police anyone's grammar. Just chill and enjoy the forum while avoiding anything that might ruin someone's good time. Friendly jesting is fine when your friends know you're joking, excuses like "I'm just a jerk" or "You don't get my humor" won't cut the mustard. If you break the rules once, one of our moderators or administrators will kindly ask you to knock it off. Break the rules a second time and you will be banned from the forum with no refund (because we can't ask Compassion for your money back).

Thanks and welcome aboard!
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