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Forum Guidelines

Postby mort » Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:09 pm

Hello! And welcome to the Showbread forums. Congratulations on choosing to become a member of the forums of the world's greatest band! You should find this forum a very fun and welcoming place to talk about all things Raw, or anything else your little heart desires. First things first: once you register, head over to the official newbie thread to introduce yourself! If you're ready to dive into an epic Raw conversation, there are plenty of places to do it! Are you tired of people hating on Age of Reptiles? Pay a visit to the raw rock records forum to stand your ground! Do you wanna share your Showbread concert experiences? Try raw rock live. Maybe you just wanna take it easy and mingle, and the waste forum has an endless array of topics to do so with.

There are only a few ground rules to cope with.

First of all, do your best to maintain a friendly demeanor. Any serious attacks on other users will not be tolerated. Between all of the admin, we are collectively almost always online, so your super witty insults usually won't even get to be read before they get deleted! That said, of course friendly flaming is fine; just make sure your flamee knows you are joking. For example, most of you will come to know limework as one of the biggest "friendly flamers" on the forum, so if it seems like he's being mean to you, he's not serious. ;)

Secondly, try to stay at least relatively on topic. We all have short attention spans and get bored sometimes, so a few off-topic posts are obviously okay. I think you know when you're getting ridiculous, so let that be your judge. Anything over and above will get promptly deleted, so spam wisely! And if you're going to spam, at least make it funny so there's a reason to keep it! If you're feeling particularly random, stop by the community thread to share whatever about anything. Or, set up your own thread in the users forum to create a thread with an emphasis on personalization. Be sure to check out the sticky'd topic in that forum to learn more about having a user thread.

The next thing is perhaps the most difficult to monitor and enforce due to its relativity and subjectivity: suggestive conversation. Regardless of our own personal convictions, it is our obligation to uphold a set of standards put forth by Showbread, and they wish to keep this a clean and family friendly forum. Since it is borderline impossible to draw the line between harmless joking and too far, we're drawing the line in the safest place possible and saying that no dirty, provocative or lewd conversation will be allowed to take place here. This goes for everyone including the administrators and moderators. If you want to post a picture or embed a Youtube video with profanity, nudity, or any kind of suggestive content, YOU MUST USE THE [URL] TAGS TO LINK IT. First offense gets a warning, second gets a ban.

NEW FORUM RULE: DO NOT under ANY circumstances engage in forum debates and discussions which involve personal issues or other important topics while under the influence of too many emotions or not enough sleep.

Lastly, please make sure there isn't an existing thread about your topic before you post a new thread.

Thank you and may Raw Rock kill you forever and ever amen.

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